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When your responsibility is refreshing the world in mind, body and spirit, you can never stop looking for the best and the brightest experienced professionals. We have countless new products to distribute and promote and billions of people to refresh every day. We have many different positions that allow our Company to run efficiently. The opportunities are endless, and this is where it all starts.

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Coke Minden

We are the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Minden, Louisiana. We have been proud to serve our Community since 1901. Quality and trust is what we base our business on, keeping the fun & traditional sides of the Coca-Cola brand alive. Coke Minden has touched generations of families and given them a tie to something familiar and refreshing in times of joy and sorrow.

Contact Info

Address: 412 Pine Street,  Minden LA
Phone: (318) 377-6846
Hours: Monday-Friday   8:00 AM - 4:00 PM